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Chemical subject to control
Chemical subject to control

N-Methyldiethanola Mine

N-Methyldiethanola Mine is a chemical with the formula C5H13NO2. It contains two hydroxyl groups and one amino group. The hydroxyl group reduces the vapor pressure and increases the solubility, which is conducive to the absorption of acid gas. It can increase the concentration, reduce the circulation and reduce energy consumption. 
Chemical formula: C5H13NO2 
Applications: Emulsifiers and Acidic Gas Absorbents 

toxicology data 
1. Skin/eye irritation: Start stimulation experiment: rabbit skin contact, 502 mg REACTION SEVERITY, slight response; 
2. Acute toxicity: oral LD50:4780 mg/kg in rats; 
LD50:500 mg/kg in peritoneal cavity of mice; 
Rabbit Skin Contact LD50:5990 UL/kg 

Packaging storage and transportation 
The packing is in galvanized drum with net weight of 200Kg/drum. Storage and transport light, light handling, to prevent violent impact, do not invert, avoid sunshine and rain, stored in dry, cool warehouse. 

It is widely used in degreasing and purifying emulsifier and acid gas absorbent, acid-base control agent and polyurethane foam catalyst for oil gas and gas. Carbon dioxide in synthetic ammonia can be removed with the participation of activators, so it has been gradually promoted in the absorption of carbon dioxide in flue gas in recent years. In addition, MDEA can also be used as insecticides, emulsifiers, semi-finished products of fabric additives, intermediates of antineoplastic drug Nitrogen mustard hydrochloride, catalysts of aminocarbonate coatings, fiber additives, etc. At the same time, it is also a drying agent of paints.