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Gas treatment
Gas treatment

Dow Gas Treatment Solvent

    With the continuous improvement of people's air quality requirements, the emission limits of atmospheric pollutants in refineries have been greatly raised in the GB31570-2015 "Emission Standards for Pollutants from Petroleum Refining Industry" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China in 2015. The sulfur dioxide emission concentration of acid gas recovery units is 400 mg/Nm3, and the special protection areas need to reach 100 mg/Nm3. 

The traditional acidic gas treatment process has some shortcomings, such as complex process flow, large investment, high operation cost, sulfide emission concentration not up to the standard, which can not meet the emission requirements of the new standard. It is necessary to build new or renovate the existing equipment to achieve the standard discharge. 
Dow's UCARSOL () solvents and expertise are recognized as one of the best solutions in the field of gas treatment. Since its launch in the 1980s, it has been a leader in refinery tail gas treatment. 
UCARSOL `Low Pressure Sulfur Tail Gas Purification Solution can selectively and deeply remove hydrogen sulfide, and greatly improve the total sulfide emissions of sulfur tail gas.